IGNORE THE ZEBRA!!! {Well, this is what a lot of people prefer to recognize}.

Why do people/we take things for granted? And then, when a law is being enforced, attached with a price to pay, it attracts a shift in their/our sense of attitude. All it takes is a shift in their/our mindset.
I’m sure you’re wondering, “Ignore the Zebra” or is this a typographical error?
And there it goes; the ignorance about Zebra crossing. After watching a short documentary on Zebra crossing, I realised the need to actually put it into writing.

Zebra Crossing?? A street crossing where pedestrians have right of way; often marked in some way especially with diagonal stripes. Also, a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railway) can be crossed to get from one side to the other. Simply put, it’s a rule that knits together all nations of the world at large.

However, there’s a baffling question in mind. Do people actually see the Zebra crossing as a responsibility? In the documentary, the reporter stretched out his right foot on the marked white and black pattern but instead of the car in front of him to stop, it moved on. Just immediately, the reporter stepped back on the tarmac. Of course, nobody desires an untimely death. Especially not one attached to unexplainable excuses. He tried it the second time and the first car stopped for him to pass. Halfway into the road, he had to stop for the second car to go on before him. Finally, he was able to get onto the other side of the road. Now tell me, was the reporter wrong to have stepped on the diagonal stripes? Or was the human being behind the wheels right, to have zoomed forward?

Vehicle, motorcycle and tricycle owners (motorists generally) invariably ignore this rule. Only a few regard the rule and the need to respect it. There is a common notion known to Nigerians when plying the road; “Na we own the road together” or “No be your papa get the road.” The former means that “we all own the road together” hence, the need to use it the way we all prefer. While the latter reflects a reminder, “Your father does not own the road.” South Africans will probably say “Don’t block my way to freedom.” The fact remains that every country, every society has its own interpretation.

No wonder, a few countries like Iceland, London and India have adopted the 3D Zebra crosswalk mainly to slow down speeding cars.

3D Zebra Crossing in Taiwan, China.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the interpretations and diverse views, it is that – which is common to every nation of the world.
Do you follow the Zebra crossing rule or do you just zoom off? So, are you a law-abiding citizen or………?
Speaking from the angle of my country, we don’t obey that rule.

You better run back if you don’t want the oncoming vehicles to clear you off the road.

Just like the reporter, who had to wait for the next car in front of him to pass before he could cross over. Why is it difficult for us to obey the rules? We keep complaining about our leaders. Can’t you just understand the fact that it begins with you and I?

If you are not going to follow the rules and regulations as an ordinary citizen, trust me you are not going to follow it when you get to that position of being a leader. These are not things for us to ignore. Whether you are a driver or a passerby except if you think you are not going to drive a car or be in one as a fellow passenger in the future.

A Statue of Obafemi Awolowo by a Zebra Crossing Stripe – Lagos, Nigeria.🇳🇬

In the bright words of John F. Kennedy, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

To my fellow Nigerians and awesome readers all around the world; Ask yourself, what are you going to add to make your country better? What value are you going to put into your country to make it move from the mentality of complaining and actually taking actions and doing something that can actually create a change? Because Guess what? One step you take into effecting change can actually affect the lives of 10 people that would actually follow through that path as long as it’s about transformation.

This is more like a wake up call. Whether you own a car or whatever, just try to follow the rules, stick to it.

Please, don’t ignore the Zebra!!! 😉

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