Away, in an oblivious black book
resides a silver-haired angel in a white robe
calling out to the little girls clothed in pink.
From a distance, the king responds
in his inky purple attire
humbly waiting for the dawn
of a beautiful blue sky
shining in bright golden lights,
like the frame of a sparkling white star
blissfully sacred in holy flames with a
crimson-yellow patch attached
to the rustic brown door leading
to the blood-red cross buried deep
in the black turned crystal white book,
whose light brown exterior complements
the mint green leatherette interior.
This pure grey revelation supernaturally
coined from a genuine orange heart, a heart that knows no fear.

Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” ≈Toni Morrison

📩P.S. Life is filled with radiant colours, don’t be afraid to express yourself freely and live a colourful life (in this new month of August 2019) always.

≈ Oluwatosin Okupa

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